Hemrill by John J Ernest

John struggled to choose which story idea to use for the Last Horizon before finally settling on Charli (many readers’ favourite). Hemrill was his other idea that, in the manner of many natural storytellers before him, he decided to write anyway. It can be found here at John’s website: https://jjernest.com/2022/09/16/hemrill/ and is an excellent short […]

The Climate for Change – Introduction by Mark Oulton

The Climate for Change is an eclectic mix of Cli-fi and non-fiction writing that was released in 2022 just before the release of the Last Horizon. It’s available from Amazon at https://amzn.eu/d/5LZ11E7 and is an excellent example of a type of book that, to my current knowledge, only the Last Horizon and itself currently belong […]

Who Cares Wins – How to Protect the Planet you Love by Lily Cole

The scope of this book is only matched by its accessibility. Who Cares Wins provides a well written tour through the impact of consumer products (including fashion), diet, travel, and general life on climate and pollution. The idea is to arm the reader with information that they can use to make choices. By reading this […]

Dreamland by Rosa Rankin-Gee

Like The Wall, Dreamland is another climate fiction novel that I rely on heavily in the introduction to the Last Horizon. I read the two books together, first the Wall and then Dreamland. Leaving writing styles on one side for a moment, it really felt as if Dreamland was a sort of spiritual prequel to […]

The Wall by John Lanchester

This is a novel that I refer to a lot in the introduction to the Last Horizon. I don’t know whether anyone else had the same reaction but hearing about this book (c. 2019) was the first time I realised that people were writing fiction about climate change. I guess you could say that around […]