About The Book

Dedicated to all the children grown and growing up in this century, in parallel with our growing understanding of the reality of climate change.”

The Last Horizon is a cross-genre collection of eighteen stories inspired by climate change compiled and edited by Matt Beeson and A J Dalton. Matt Beeson has worked as a risk engineer focussing on clean energy for the last ten years. He believes in the clean energy transition and the importance of stories.

The book is intended to entertain and inspire, to help to generate a spark of empathy, to tell some of the stories of climate change. Some that you might expect, and some that you definitely won’t!

“There are shades of Watership Down and The Road in here… Well recommended.”

– The British Fantasy Society

The Last Horizon compilation is partly inspired by the notion that stories are stained-glass windows on the multiverse, helping us to imagine, if nothing else, the importance of our decisions in the present, while at the same time helping us to escape from the burdens of it.

Why is it important to tell the stories of climate change? In a nutshell, because presenting the science isn’t enough. It’s demonstrably insufficient, not because there’s anything wrong with the science, because there isn’t. It’s more because we live in a society that frequently prefers to ignore the science or labels it Leftist when it contradicts our preconceived notions of truth. Particularly when there are influential people who are unabashed in telling their own story, of how the cost of combatting climate change, the cost of net zero is too great.

‘…climate change isn’t quite the same as other environmental issues. No one is trying to ‘save the planet’. The planet doesn’t care; it’s been through this before. Earth will survive and crack on with or without us. And there’s the nub; as things currently stand, it’ll be without us (save perhaps a few lucky folk in their walled, environment-controlled mansions and the servants who wipe their posteriors and man the gates). Civilisation won’t survive.'

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Fantastic internal artwork provided by Gabriela Houston and excellent front and rear covers from Charlotte Pang help make this book a treasure to own and read.

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Review copies can be obtained by emailing Matt Beeson ([email protected]) or Dr Adam Dalton-West ([email protected]) or by contacting Kristell Ink Publishing.

News articles concerning the background to The Last Horizon and outlining contributing perspectives are available upon request.

Available now for paperback and Kindle!

Meet The Stories

Matt Beeson offers a rounded (but occasionally sweary!) take on climate change in an entertaining introduction, considering four key Axioms:

Climate change is not a ___ problem, it’s a human one!

Telling the stories of climate change is important.

There is nothing more human than the telling of stories.

It’s ok to know the right thing and not be able to do it right now. You can still aspire to it!

Meet The Authors

This exciting and relevant new collection, inspired by climate change, brings together the writing talents of Gabriela Houston, Mark Kirkbride, Nadine Dalton-West, A J Dalton, Matt Beeson, Michael Conroy, Gabriel Wisdom, J.McDonald, Boe Huntress, Amie Angèle Brochu, Jamie Bear, John J Ernest, Jodie Hammond, Stephen Beeson, Joe Smith, Matt Ryder, Huw James, and David Perryman.